Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stephen Bonanno Sandals - Sale Ends Today!

Today, Saturday, September 18th, is the last day of the Annual End of Summer Sale on Stephen Bonanno Sandals.  Visit their website to view the offerings and to place your order.  (Note: You may want to place your order over the telephone due to the high volume of online traffic!)

Beware of imitators!  "Stephen Bonanno Sandals" are the best your money can buy.  They are a family-owned and family-operated business.  All Stephen Bonanno sandals are made in their Stuart, Florida factory.  Be sure to plan a visit on your next trip to Florida.  It is such a pleasure to see what care goes into each and every pair.

I am a HUGE fan of the classic "Palm Beach" sandal.  The Bonannos are wonderful about working with you to customize your sandals to fit your particular needs.  For example, I have a narrow foot, so I order size 8 sandals with size 7 tops.  The tops are tight during the first few wearings, but stretch quickly to give me a perfect fit!  I also prefer a "flat heel" which makes my podiatrist happier!  Nothing but bespoke for me, my dear!

I'm buying a neutral for once!

Check back soon for my interview with Vivian Bonanno!

TPP grade: A for Authentic Preppy!


  1. Hey Prep Pantheon, I feel honored to be mentioned on your blog. Thank you! Good luck, have fun with it and I'll be following for sure.
    -- Vivian