Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Authentic" Preppy or "New World" Preppy?

Marie's succinct comment on yesterday's posting "True Prep and the Needlepoint Belt" has hit the nail on the head.
"More nouveau prep than true.  My biggest complaint is the emphasis on the "must have" items - rather than items that have stood the test of time."
I like to own things that I know will stand the test of time and will not need to be replaced for many, many years.  Preppies know that trends come and go, but certain things never really go out of style.

I'd love to know which items have served you long past others.  What items do you think are "Authentic" Preppy, "New World" Preppy, and just plain Not Preppy?

For example, LL Bean Boat and Tote bags are "Authentic."  (I've used one of mine for 29 years and it's still in great shape!)

Vineyard Vines totes are "New World."

Anything with an outrageous logo is Not Preppy.

I am going to work on a chart.  Your input is welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you to the readers who are posting comments.  Comments make this blogging thing so much more fun!
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  1. I always thought Coach was authentic until they jumped on the logo bandwagon. I have some nice Coach leather handbags from about 10 years ago. They are similar to the ones that Angela Landsbury carried on Murder, She Wrote. I have a list from a few years ago compiled by the readers of a blog called "Preppy Cafe". I'll email it to you. It has some old things and new things. I think you will find it interesting.

  2. The great difficulty is that, now that "preppiness" is in fashion once again, people are trying to buy it as they buy the paraphernalia of every other fashion. And while they can buy pink-and-green clothing or bags with flashy logos on them, they can't buy the understanding, the state of mind.

  3. Terrific! I look forward with great interest to seeing your chart.

  4. Love the idea of 'authentic' and 'nouveau,' the former almost never carrying any kind of logo, while the latter seems to be awash in them.

    I cannot recall how I found my way here, but am ever-so-happy I did, what a lovely blog! I'll be back, to be sure.

    Sending you a smile,