Nelson W. ALDRICH, Jr.

Cleveland AMORY (1917-1998)

Louis Stanton AUCHINCLOSS (1917-2010Groton, Yale, UVA
Author of numerous novels and short stories depicting preppies in their natural settings, including The Rector of Justin.  "The tragedy of American civilization is that it has swept away WASP morality and put nothing in its place."

William F. BUCKLEY, Jr. (1925-2008) Millbrook, Yale

Patricia Taylor BUCKLEY (1926-2007) Crofton House, Vassar

Christopher BUCKLEY (1952-) Portsmouth Abbey, Yale

George Herbert Walker BUSH (1924-) Greenwich Country Day, Andover, Yale

Barbara Pierce BUSH (1925-) Rye Country Day, Ashley Hall, Smith

Lucy Cochrane "C.Z." GUEST (1920-2003)

Cartoonist Extraordinaire, regularly featured in The New Yorker since

Lester LANIN (1907-2004)

Dorothy Kinnicut "Sister" PARISH (1910-1994)

George PLIMPTON (1927-2003)

Lillian McKim "Lilly" PULITZER